One Man, One Bitcoin: An Odyssey Around the World

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One Man, One Bitcoin: An Odyssey Around the World

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A man named Rafael used a single bitcoin to travel around the entire world, visiting 18 countries from September 2017 through September 2018. During his travels, he met John McAfee and Vitalik Buterin, among numerous other less famous crypto movers and shakers, and conducted a total of 28 interviews. Rafael strictly stuck to using only 1 bitcoin for the entire year and spent most of his nights couch-surfing and the days eating the cheapest possible food from discount grocery stores. However, Rafael collected 178 hours of footage showing how crypto will set people free and he’s asking the crypto community to pay it forward and fund the editing of his movie and the distribution.

Initially, Rafael purchased 1 Bitcoin for USD 4,724 in August 2017 and watched in dread as it dropped to USD 3,350 in September. However, the biggest Bitcoin rally in history then occurred, and the 1 Bitcoin was worth USD 20,000. Rafael says he almost cashed it out but relented after talking to crypto veterans in Hong Kong. This led to a year of relative poverty, but Rafael says it’s a good thing because it forced him to be more interactive with people, so he learned way more.

Rafael believes it is crucial to get his movie out there because Bitcoin is under attack by the wealthy establishments. In the video, there is a quote from Warren Buffett saying crypto will certainly come to a bad ending; and quotes from Munger saying Bitcoin is worthless artificial gold, and how horrible it would be if children grew up and purchased Bitcoin. Rafael asserts that they are lying to millions of people around the world, and he has the footage to prove it. Some of his footages show how Cambodians are using Bitcoin to fund housing development, how hard working Indians are using it to get ahead, how crypto mining in China frees citizens from the government, and how entrepreneurs in Europe accept crypto for just about everything.

Rafael says crypto is setting people free, and his movie must be published widely to show this. He plans on debuting the film on Amazon instant videos, followed by showings at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, Sundance, the Berlin Film Festival, Tribeca, and the Toronto International Film Festival.

Some interesting side notes include Rafael meeting John McAfee who said in regards to Bitcoin mining leading to global warming, “I’ll keep mining Bitcoin until the last polar bear drowns”. Also, unrelated to crypto, Rafael met Anthony Bourdain, a celebrity who made his money traveling the world and eating food, only 1 week before his death. 

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