Royal Couple Receive Their Own Crypto as Wedding Gift

Royal Couple Receive Their Own Cryptocurrency as Wedding Gift

Royal couple Prince Harry of Wales and Meghan Markle have parted with the norm of royal wedding gifts, accepting their very own Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. The Royal Coin will be listed as ROYL, with 5o million tokens available and a target set to raise 100,000 ETH, approximately USD 40 million. Part of the money raised through the […]

27% Of Millennials Would Choose Bitcoin Over Traditional Stocks

27% of millennials would prefer bitcoin over traditional stocks.

A recent survey conducted by Blockchain Capital points towards a trend in millennials’ growing preference towards cryptocurrency investments over traditional investment forms. Specifically, the results show that 27% of millennials would prefer USD 1,000 in Bitcoin over USD 1,000 in stocks. It was not just stocks that millennials were moving away from, however; 22% would prefer […]

George Soros Gets Crypto Trade Approval

George Soros Gets Crypto Trade Approval

George Soros, Hungarian-American investor, business magnate, philanthropist, political activist and author, added a new feather to his cap as his company Soros Fund Management received approval to trade cryptocurrency. The company was founded in 1969 and is currently worth USD 26 billion. This marks a change of heart for the magnate who, in January of this […]

Hyperblock Buy Out CryptoGlobal For $83 Million

Canadian Mining Giant HyperBlock Acquires CryptoGlobal For $83 Million

One of the biggest deals in crypto mining history was sealed this week when Canadian miners HyperBlock purchased mining firm CryptoGlobal in a deal worth CAD 106 million (USD 83 million). The stock-based acquisition sees CryptoGlobal shares purchased at USD 0.74 a piece, over 40% higher than the current market OCT prices. With HyperBlock’s new acquisition, […]

Canada to Scrutinize Crypto Exchanges

Canada to Scrutinize Crypto Exchanges

It’s been announced that crypto-friendly Canada’s cryptocurrency exchanges will now be subject to scrutiny by the Ontario Securities Commision (OSC) due to the increase of digital currencies on the market. Due to the recent increase of digital currencies now available and rocketing in value since 2017, the market has now opened up to some less reputable […]

ASRock’s New Pickaxe

Mining GPU

ASRock has entered the mining market with its H110 and H81 motherboards, both of which are viable mid- and low-end options for your mining rig. The company has recently revealed its Phantom Gaming series and confirmed to Coindesk four mining graphics processing unit (GPU) variations which are built on AMD’s 14nm FinFET architecture. What does ASRock […]