China Opening up to Crypto

China Opens Up to Crypto

Despite China’s image as a no-go area for cryptocurrencies, a series of pro-crypto moves are opening up the forbidden kingdom to cryptocurrencies. Recently, a local court has now allowed merchants to accept Bitcoin as a payment method and recognized the cryptocurrency as a property thus allowing individuals to own and transact with it. The move is […]

Business Authority Slams UK’s Proposed Crypto Regulations

Business Authority Slams UK's Proposed Crypto Regulations

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the government body responsible for regulation of financial services companies in The United Kingdom, has come under fire from the UK business Authority in a new report. The director of the British Business Federation Authority (BBFA), Patrick Curry, has suggested that MPs’ plans to force the FCA to crack down on […]

Ukraine: Ministry Launches State Policy to Legalize Crypto

Ukraine: Ministry Launches State Policy to Legalize Crypto

Ukraine’s Economic Development and Trade Ministry has recently launched a state policy to legalize cryptocurrencies in the country, according to state information outlet Ukrinform. The official press release states that the purpose of the policy is to “create understandable conditions for conducting activities in the field of virtual assets and virtual currencies”, and promote cryptocurrency […] Daily Podcast 28th October 2018

Daily Podcast: The New Free and Convenient Way to Listen to the Latest Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

Listen to the 28 October 2018 Daily Podcast below. [su_audio url=”″] On this edition of the Daily Podcast, we discuss how the USD could end up in a death spiral due to debt in excess of USD 21 trillion, and now is the time to buy crypto. Learn about the legalization of Bitcoin as […]

Kim Dotcom Says USD in Death Spiral, Buy Crypto

Kim Dotcom Says USD Is In Death Spiral, Buy Crypto

Kim Dotcom, who has been under siege by the New Zealand and United States governments since the 2012 closure of Megaupload, says the USD is in an irreversible death spiral due to the United States federal debt. Therefore, according to the internet entrepreneur, now is the time to buy crypto and gold. US Empire now […]

Chinese Court Rules That Bitcoin Is Property

Chinese Court Rules That Bitcoin Is Property

The Shenzhen International Court of Arbitration in China has ruled that Bitcoin is property, in a case where USD 400,000 of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Diamond was not paid back despite a contractual agreement. In the case review, the court first states that the legal attributes of Bitcoin in China are not legally defined […]

Humanitarian Blockchain Series #6: Decentralization: Cryptocurrencies and Solar Energy

Humanitarian Blockchain Series #6: Decentralization: Cryptocurrencies and Solar Energy

Humanitarian Blockchain a series    Part 6: Decentralization: Cryptocurrencies and Solar Energy Rural Africa has sun in abundance, but many across the continent are without electricity, impacting on their access to basic human rights such as health, education, and security. Economic development is strangled and breaking out of poverty is all but impossible without it. […]

Canadian Exchange MapleChange Claims Hack, Deletes Website

Canadian Crypto Exchange MapleChange Claims To Have Been Hacked, Then Deletes Website

A relatively small cryptocurrency exchange in Canada named MapleChange announced that it was hacked on 28 October 2018, deleting its website and Twitter account with 2,000 followers an hour later. The only way to see MapleChange at this point is with internet archive tools. The series of Tweets before MapleChange’s claimed hack and subsequent offline mode […]

Bitcoin to Be Available on Ethereum Network via Wrapped Bitcoin

Bitcoin To Be Available On The Ethereum Network Via Wrapped Bitcoin

Bitcoin will soon be available on the Ethereum network via a new Ethereum ERC-20 token called Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC). This will allow users to exchange Bitcoin on Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and use Bitcoin on Ethereum decentralized apps (Dapps). Every WBTC will be backed 1:1 by Bitcoin in a reserve operated by BitGo, a qualified […]

Canada Looks to Simplify Cross Border Trade With DLT

Canada Looks to Simplify Cross Border Trade With DLT

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is turning to DLT in order to streamline its services and raise efficiency. Currently, the CBSA processes as many as 14,000 trucks, 127,400 courier shipments, 58,600 commercial releases, and 240,000 mail items every day. In an attempt to improve these services the Border Service has linked up with a […]