French College Opens Up Tuition Payments to Bitcoin

French College Opens Up Tuition Payments to Bitcoin

A French business school has announced that its foreign students will now able to pay their course fees using Bitcoin. The Financia Business School in Paris, which includes master classes in fintech and blockchain technology on its curriculum, has included Bitcoin as a payment method to serve its 25% foreign enrolment. The college, which also […]

Exclusive: CryptoCare, a New Blockchain Platform for Charity

Exclusive Interview With CryptoCare, A New Blockchain Platform For Charity

Listen to the interview with the Co-Founders of CryptoCare on the 30 October 2018 Daily Podcast below. [su_audio url=”″] spoke exclusively to Phillip Birtcher and JP Hennessy, the co-founders of CryptoCare, which is a blockchain platform designed to raise funds for charity. Soft launching two weeks ago, CryptoCare runs on the Ethereum network and generates […]

London Bar Launches Crypto Giveaway, FTSE 100 Beer

London Bar Launches Crypto Giveaway, FTSE 100 Beer

It is not what you’d expect to find in your local pub, but a new cashless bar in London has been giving away crypto. Regrettably for locals, it was a one-off, as British brewery BrewDog opened its 10th London bar and celebrated its new “Hop Exchange” concept of FTSE-linked beer. The bar can be found in […] Daily Podcast 29th October 2018

Daily Podcast 29th October 2018

Listen to the 29 October 2018 Daily Podcast below. [su_audio url=”″] On this edition of the Daily Podcast, we discuss how Bitstamp has been purchased in an all cash deal, and how Japan has said stablecoins are not in the same category as cryptocurrencies. Hear about the Silk Road operator Libertas being sentenced to […]

Bitcoin’s Market Cap History Turned into A Symphony

Bitcoin's Market Cap History Has Been Turned Into A Symphony

Redditor synthsucht has used a sound generator program to create a history of Bitcoin’s recent market cap swings. The end result is a 45-second audio clip that tells the history of Bitcoin from 2016-2018, in a unique format that has probably not been thought of before this. Total market cap chart as a sound generator […]

Japan Declares Stablecoins Are Not Crypto

Japan's Financial Services Agency Declares That Stablecoins Are Not Cryptocurrencies

Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) has declared that stablecoins, like Tether (USDT), Gemini Dollar (GUSD), USD Coin (USDC) and Paxos Standard (PAX), are not cryptocurrencies under the law. Rather, they are prepaid payment instruments and are regulated differently from cryptocurrencies. Stablecoins are inherently different than other cryptocurrencies since they are pegged to fiat currencies, and […]

US Firm Chooses Token-Based Solution to Clean Up Indonesia’s Plastic Waste

US Firm Chooses Token-Based Solution to Clean Up Indonesia's Plastic Waste

US Cleaning Supplies Firm SC Johnson has announced that it plans to launch blockchain rewards-based recycling centers in Indonesia to help solve the problem of plastic pollution. The company, which also which owns such brands as Glade, Ziploc and Mr Muscle, will open eight centers with the support of Plastic Bank using a tokens-for-waste payment […]

Silk Road Fallout Continues as Libertas Takes Prison Plea Deal for up to 20 Years

Silk Road Fallout Continues, Libertas Taking Plea Deal For Up To 20 Years In Prison

The fallout from the Silk Road, perhaps the most infamous darknet market in history, continues. Gary Davis, aka Libertas, who was a site administrator and moderator, has pleaded guilty to distributing massive amounts of narcotics. Sentencing is scheduled for 17 January 2019, and Libertas faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. US Attorney Geoffrey […]

Bitstamp Acquired by NXMH in Cash Deal

Bitstamp Acquired By NXMH In Cash Deal

Bitstamp announced on 29 October 2018 that it has been acquired for an undisclosed amount by NXMH, an investment firm from Belgium, in an all-cash deal. It is known that the exchange raised funds in December 2016 at a USD 60 million valuation but after the big crypto rally of 2017, Bitstamp’s valuation spiked. In […]

Israeli Startups Head over Heels with Blockchain, Acknowledge Learning Process

Israeli Startups Head over Heels with Blockchain, Acknowledge Learning Process

The Israeli Blockchain Association (IBA) has announced in a press release that there are now 200 DLT-related startups in the country, but that there is still more to be done. Israel has been slow to embrace cryptocurrency as part of an expanding fintech industry in the country, particularly given the country’s geographical position on the […]