Blockchain Google Searches Overtake Cryptocurrency

Blockchain Google Searches Overtake Cryptocurrency

Following trends of recent hype in the technology, the word blockchain has surpassed the number of Google searches than cryptocurrency since September this year. While Google Trends show that Bitcoin is still around ten times a more popular search term than either of the above, blockchain interest has overtaken the generic term of cryptocurrency for the second […]

Exclusive: Streamr and DATAcoin Co-Founder on Blockchain and AI

Interview With Founder Of Streamr and DATAcoin On Blockchain and AI

Listen to the interview with the co-founder and COO of Streamr and DATAcoin on the 2 November 2018 Daily Podcast below. [su_audio url=”″] Streamr and DATAcoin (DATA) spoke to Risto Karjalainen, the co-founder and chief operating officer (COO) of Streamr and its native cryptocurrency DATAcoin (DATA), on the topic of blockchain and AI, […]

Singapore Token Day Puts Crypto Center Stage on Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday

Singapore Token Day Puts Crypto Center Stage on Bitcoin's 10th Birthday

Singapore Token Day celebrated Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary with its own event to promote cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption on the South East Asian peninsula. The organizers promised that Singapore Token Day would be a national event lasting over two weeks between 31 October to 18 November, with a view to informing the uninitiated about all things […]

Coinsource is First Bitcoin ATM Operator with New York Bitlicense

Coinsource Becomes First Bitcoin ATM Operator To Receive New York Bitlicense

Coinsource, a Texas-based firm with 192 Bitcoin ATMs across the United States, has become the first Bitcoin ATM operator to receive the New York Bitlicense. The company had previously been operating 40 Bitcoin ATMs under a provisional license in New York City, Westchester and Long Island. Genesis Coin also operates numerous Bitcoin ATMs in New […]

“Institutional Investment Class” Morgan Stanley’s New Catchall for Crypto

"Institutional Investment Class" Morgan Stanley's New Catchall for Crypto

A new report published by American multinational investment bank Morgan Stanley has redefined cryptocurrency as an “institutional investment class”. The report was initiated after research revealed that current trading trends are flowing towards institutional investors who are increasingly wanting to invest in cryptocurrencies, so much so that Morgan Stanley have had its eyes firmly set on […]