Bank of Israel Recommends Against Digital Currency

The Bank of Israel has recommended against issuing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) after a study. The study findings and recommendations come after extensive efforts by the national regulator to study cryptocurrencies and DLT. The study was performed by a joint team set up by the governor of the Bank of Israel to examine the […]

Study Compares Mineral Mining to Crypto Mining

Study Compares Mineral Mining to Crypto Mining

A recent scientific study by acclaimed journal Nature has compared cryptocurrency mining to mineral mining in terms of energy used for producing the same market value. The study provides interesting insight into this domain and shows how cryptocurrency mining is affecting the energy footprint in the world. The study, conducted by Department of Energy scientists […]

Augur Accurately Predicts 2018 US Elections

Augur Accurately Predicts 2018 United States Elections

The blockchain-based prediction market Augur, whose native token REP is ranked #48 with a market cap of USD 163 million as of 7 November 2018, accurately predicted the 6 November United States elections. During the morning of the election, before any polls closed, Augur predicted a 74% chance that Democrats would take the House, and […] Daily Podcast 6th November 2018: $125M Crypto Airdrop, Bitcoin Hash Rate Plateau, Marshall Islands Crypto Fiasco Daily Podcast, 4th October 2018

Listen to the 6 November 2018 Daily Podcast below. [su_audio url = “”] On this edition of the Daily Podcast, we discuss’s airdrop of USD 125 million of Stellar Lumens, and simultaneously how China is banning airdrops. Hear about how the Bitcoin mining hash rate has stopped increasing and has plateaued for 3 […]

Thailand Pursues Errant Taxpayers with Blockchain Upgrade to Tax System

Thailand to Revamp Tax System with Blockchain

Thailand’s tax system is set to get an upgrade with blockchain technology, which the ruling junta says will increase the chances of catching tax evaders as well as provide a more efficient system for returning tax refunds. Ekniti Nitithanprapas, director-general of Thailand’s Revenue Department, said that blockchain and machine learning will be utilized in tax avoidance […] $125 Million XLM Airdrop Comes With Verification Catch Airdropping Record USD 125 Million Of Cryptocurrency To Wallet Users, a popular online Bitcoin wallet provider with over 30 million wallets, is conducting the largest cryptocurrency airdrop in history but will require full identification information from participants. USD 125 million of Stellar Lumens (XLM), the #6 cryptocurrency with a market cap near USD 5 billion, will be distributed starting 6 November 2018 to 5 […]

Swiss Markets Regulator Recommends 800% Crypto Risk Coverage for Banks

Swiss Markets Regulator Recommends 800% Crypto Risk Coverage for Banks

The Swiss Financial Markets Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has reportedly marked cryptocurrency-related assets as extremely volatile and has recommended financial institutions an 800% risk coverage for their crypto assets. In a confidential letter addressed to the Swiss Association for Audit, Tax and Fiduciary (EXPERTSUISSE), FINMA outlined this stance for cryptocurrencies and other tokens. The position clearly […]