Colorado Considers Bill for Looser Securities Laws on Crypto Activities

Colorado Considers Bill for Looser Securities Laws on Crypto Activities

The State of Colorado is considering a bipartisan bill which seeks to relieve cryptocurrencies of some securities laws, as per documents released by the Colorado Senate. Embrace The bill titled the Colorado Digital Token Act is aiming to establish “limited exemptions from securities registration and securities broker-dealer and salesperson licensing requirements for persons dealing in […]

FBI, Homeland Raid Michigan Crypto Setup for Illegal Trading

A science and technology center situated in Michigan has been raided by Federal agencies during a crypto-related investigation, as reported by Wood-TV on 5 January 2019. Chris Boden, founder of The National Science Institute (formerly The Geek Group), reportedly issued a live statement on YouTube Saturday night, stating that his office was raided by the officials of the […]

Bitten by Reality: Uncoupling Cryptocurrency from the Blockchain Industry

Bitten by Reality: Uncoupling Cryptocurrency from the Blockchain Industry

If 2017’s phenomenal crypto-market boom, supported by the entry of innumerable startups into the blockchain industry through initial coin offerings (ICOs) has taught us anything, it was that this fringe technology had some innovative gusto backing it, and it wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Blossoming Bitcoin at the time had most certainly cemented itself in […]

Kraken’s Law Enforcement Requests Tripled Last Year

US-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken reported that the number of law enforcement requests it received in 2018 was three times that of 2017. The infographic data shared by the exchange cites a total of 475 such requests last year, with a significant majority (315) coming from the US government despite the exchange also operating in Canada, the European Union, and Japan. […]

Anti-Crypto Chinese State Media Says Bear Market Not Over Soon

The Chinese state-run media organization Beijing News reported that the cryptocurrency bear market is expected to continue into 2019. Perhaps an unsurprisingly negative outlook is influenced by the country’s condemnation of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Beijing News claims Bitcoin investments became a ”black hole” in 2018 with the coming year showing ”no obvious rebound” for […]

Fake News Website Publishes Article on Ex-PM of New Zealand Promoting Bitcoin

A fake news website has been found promoting Bitcoin by using the image of ex-Prime Minister of New Zealand. The website, Crypto Revolt, has been flagged before as being a scam and using people with little ethics to promote fake services. These fake services are then used to target unsuspecting people in order to defraud […]

Brazilian Crypto Holders Seek Physical Vaults for Storing Their Digital Assets

For some Brazilian whales and cryptocurrency investors, the best defense against crypto theft is not just a secure password, but an actual vault. To secure their digital assets, Brazilian residents have turned towards private companies that offer secure vaults for storage of their assets. Once a dead industry, the rising theft of cryptocurrencies has forced holders […] Daily Podcast 6th January 2019: Bitcoin Breaks Through USD 4000, Will It Last? Daily News Podcast

Listen to the 6 January 2019 Daily Podcast below. [su_audio url =”″] On this edition of the Daily Podcast, we discuss how Bitcoin has broken through the USD 4,000 level due to a short squeeze initiated by Bitfinex, announcing that they will close for a period of time on Monday 7 January. Downward […]

Italy Hires 30 Experts to Man New Blockchain Task Force

Italy Hires 30 Experts to Man New Blockchain Task Force

After signing a declaration with six other EU states this month to integrate blockchain into European economies, the Italian Government has taken a bold step further by manning its new blockchain advisory board with 30 experts. All the major board members come from the industry: Angiolini Giorgio, head of marketing portfolio at a telecom firm […]