Africa, China Mobile Tech Market and Cryptocurrency Revolution

Africa may have contributed a great deal to Bitcoin transactions, according to peer-to-peer crypto exchange Paxful. This has been partly due to the increased inflation rate in some countries and the fact that cryptocurrencies appeal to a large number of underbanked and unbanked individuals on the continent. The quest to venture into cryptocurrency related business […]

Is 2019 the Year of the Crypto Bull Market?

Is 2019 the Year of the Crypto Bull Market?

How Long Will the Crypto Market Bull Sleep? Speculations about the cryptocurrency market continue to weigh heavily on the hearts of crypto enthusiasts as the market is yet to improve from the slump of 2018. The space is now left with dashed hopes, closed crypto exchanges, layoffs, hacks and a whole lot of constructive partnerships […]

Crypto Debt On Credit Cards, The Next ‘Rekt’ Cycle Looms

Recently, leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it now allows its users to buy Bitcoin with a credit card. With the rise in debt structures across different economic sectors and also in credit card facilities, it may be a tough call to decide whether or not to purchase Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency using a credit […]

UK OTC Firm Gets Derivatives Go Ahead from Regulator

UK OTC Firm Gets Derivatives Go Ahead from Regulator, CFDs

The UK watchdog, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has granted permission for London based firm B2C2 OTC Ltd to deal in cryptocurrency CFDs. “Contracts for Difference” (CFDs) are designed for traders to predict crypto price fluctuations allowing them to profit from rising or fallings markets. The FCA’s acceptance of the B2C2 OTC Ltd application is seen as […]

Blockchain Defender Reports Distrust In Crypto Industry Is Still An Issue

A recent Blockchain Defender report claims that despite cryptocurrencies increasing market capitalization there is still a prevailing lack of public trust in the industry as a whole. Despite the market cap hitting nearly $800 billion in January 2018, the report cited negative sentiments in many areas. The report essentially focused on market sentiments, trends, capitalization […]

Humanitarian Support Grows With More Charities Accepting Crypto Other Than Bitcoin

It’s generally a little-known fact to those outside of the virtual currency arena that Bitcoin is not all about making large profits, but that the hallmark cryptocurrency, along with many others, is frequently used to forward humanitarian ideals through a wide range of charities around the globe. BitcoinNews has followed many of these charities over […]

Report: Japan, South Korea Playground for Bad Actors in 2018

Report: Japan, South Korea Playground for Bad Actors in 2018

The latest CipherTrace report into cybercrime has revealed that much of the USD 1.7 billion worth of cryptocurrency stolen in 2018 came from the Asian Bitcoin arena of Japan and South Korea. In the “Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering Report, 2018 Q4”, it is stated that out of the funds either stolen through hack or scams, about USD […]