India Worried Crypto Could Destabilize Rupee

A report by Quartz India suggests that the Indian government is concerned about the effect cryptocurrency may have on its national currency. According to the article, a high-level panel working on a cryptocurrency regulatory framework has observed that a less-explored area for crypto use does exist and possesses as much risk as with the already […]

Ledger: Market Still Here for Hardware Wallets

Eric Larchevêque, CEO of French hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger, has said that he is optimistic for the future of the cryptocurrency industry, as he prepares for “a whole new generation of consumers”. However, Larchevêque claims that education is still an area of concern when it comes to storage of cryptocurrencies, and many users fall short […]

SEC Looks to Blockchain for Improved Verification Model

In a development which may be received in the cryptocurrency space with a certain degree of irony, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has expressed an interest in employing blockchain tech as an analyzing tool in the government department. The SEC wants to hunt out firms which may be able to support the […]

Crypto Concierge Reports Bumper 2018 with $250 Million Transaction Scoop

It appears that luxury goods purchased with cryptocurrency have not suffered from the current bear market if the 2018 receipts of firms such as The White Company are anything to go by. Elizabeth White’s company, which caters very much for those that have, and indeed want to spend large sums of cryptocurrency on luxury items, returned […]

Only 3% of Americans Bought Something With Bitcoin Last Month, A 5-Year Bet Reveals

A recent podcast by Planet Money, reflected on a bet made 5 years ago between Bitcoin bull and venture capitalist Ben Horowitz whose firm has made investments worth over USD 50 million into crypto and financial journalist Felix Salmon, paints a peculiar angle on Bitcoin adoption. The bet which hinged on the adoption state of […]

US and Australian Real Estate Markets Still Want Buyers’ Bitcoins

Whether it be in a bull or bear in 2019, there are some markets where cryptocurrencies are thriving; and in both the US and Australia that is very much the Real Estate Market, showing no respect for the downturn in Bitcoin’s value over the past months. Properties are still being sold for cryptocurrency in 2019, […]

Australian Regulators Pushing Crypto Into the Mainstream With Latest Move

Australia continues its pro-cryptocurrency stance with the country’s financial regulator, the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) now having officially registered 246 cryptocurrency exchanges. The land down under continues to maintain its cryptocurrency profile in the global arena. The eastern state of Queensland largely leads the way with AUSTRAC issuing its latest cryptocurrency license […]

Bitcoin Market Analysis 3rd February 2019

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The week that ends today was not special or critical. The general situation in the market has not changed. During the whole week, buyers tried to break through the price zone of $3560-$3580. A daily timetable clearly shows that correction after the growth from December 17 still continues. Throughout the week, there were small volumes, […]