London Metal Exchange Supports Plan for Blockchain Metal Tracking

The world’s largest metal derivatives market, the London Metal Exchange (LME), has reportedly backed an initiative that would track physical metal using blockchain technology. The Financial Times (FT) cited in a report that “people familiar with the effort” had confirmed LME was in support of the consortium initiative spearheaded by Swiss commodity trading company Mercuria. While LME chief executive […]

“Mental Barriers” in the West Among Hurdles in Bitcoin Mass Adoption

"Mental Barriers" in the West Among Hurdles in Bitcoin Mass Adoption

A panel discussion at the 2019 MIT Bitcoin Expo led to suggestions that “mental barriers” stand in the way of mass adoption of the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency, though with time, this would slowly give way to complete acceptance of Bitcoin. A Forbes article followed the topic at hand, brought up originally by an […]

Japan Man Cleared of Wrongdoing Despite Cryptojacking

Japan Man Cleared of Wrongdoing Despite Cryptojacking

The Japan Times reports that a Japan court today cleared a man of cryptojacking after he went on trial for allegedly hijacking the devices of visitors to his website, so that he could use their processors to mine cryptocurrency. The 31-year old man was using the popular Coinhive crypto mining script, and was accused of installing […]

Vietnam’s First Crypto Exchange Could Hit Legal Roadblock

Vietnam’s first ever cryptocurrency exchange may struggle to survive after tough words from the country’s State Securities Commission (SSC) warning off those considering cryptocurrency-related activities. Swiss-based blockchain company Kronn Ventures AG is committed to launching what will be Vietnam’s first official cryptocurrency platform after signing a memorandum of understanding with Linh Thanh Group, a Vietnam-based […]

Russia Issues First Banking License in 4 Years

A new digital bank in Russia, Bank 131, has today just received its banking license to operate. It has been four years since a new banking license was issued by the Russian authorities. Bank 131 states a focus on local companies and entrepreneurs “that work for global internet companies and/or buy from global ecommerce companies with […]

Apple Card Vs Bitcoin: Privacy-Wise There Can Only Be One Winner

Apple’s new credit card product Apple Card has the crypto industry debating how it stacks up against Bitcoin as a payment option in terms of privacy and use protection and the consensus appears to be that Bitcoin will take a lot of beating. The creators Apple Card have taken some major steps in protecting the […]

US Talk Radio Raises Over $80,000 in Crypto to Build Ugandan Orphanage

An independent Free Talk Live broadcast show (FTL) broadcast from New Hampshire has announced that it has been able to raise over USD 80,000 towards establishing an orphanage for Ugandan children. The project to build an orphanage in a small Ugandan village has been led by The Foundation of Hope Uganda and one of the […]

Coinbase Offers Users $100 Million in XLM for Stellar Protocol Study

US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is offering over USD 100 million in Stellar Lumens (XLM) to users who would like to participate in a study of the Stellar protocol. The initiative is part of Coinbase’s cryptocurrency-focused educational program, Coinbase Earn. It is available to select US users who can earn a maximum of USD 50 each for participating in […]