SEC Publishes Framework for Digital Assets Investment Contracts

Ascertaining the status of digital asset as an investment contract and as a security will now be easier courtesy of the framework published on 3 April by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) titled ‘Framework for ‘Investment Contract’ Analysis of Digital Assets’. Two SEC Commissioners led the framework development; Valerie Szczepanik, senior advisor […]

Bitcoin Spike Down to Public Distrust of “Irresponsible” Federal Reserve

An asset manager during an interview with financial media outlet MarketWatch said that Bitcoin’s sudden spike earlier this week was a result of growing public discontent and mistrust of the US Federal Reserve Bank. According to him, people now see Bitcoin as a hedge against the “irresponsible monetary and fiscal policy” of the US central […]

Japanese Crypto Unicorn Tops $1 Billion Valuation

Japanese Crypto Unicorn Tops $1 Billion Valuation

Unicorns — the term given to a startup which achieves a valuation of over a USD 1 billion — are rare in Japan but this week has seen the birth of another as Liquid Group Inc joined the exclusive club. The Tokyo-based crypto startup made the announcement on Wednesday that it had reached the magic USD […]

Canadian Town Approves Bitcoin Payment for Property Taxes

A Canadian town, Innisfil, has started accepting Bitcoin as a payment option for property taxes. In collaboration with Coinberry Limited, Innisfil is Canada’s first such town to adopt this project making it convenient for the locals to pay their taxes and thereby making a milestone decision in the nation’s adoption of digital assets. Although Bitcoin […]

Santander to Study Fintech Firms in Mexico

Santander to Study Fintech Firms in Mexico

One of the largest banks in Europe, Banco Santander, has announced that it will conduct a new study into financial technology (fintech) companies in Mexico, with the assistance of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in the country. A blog post from TheStartupFounder detailed the announcement, which said that the study, to be developed by […]

North Korea’s Unlikely Relationship with Crypto

North Korea's Unlikely Relationship with Crypt

For a country with a population of just 25 million people nearly entirely cut off from the global economy and under the governance of a ‘Supreme Leader’ by the name of Kim Jong-un, North Korea is perhaps an unlikely hub for cryptocurrency activity. Yet, the nation keeps making headlines for its cryptocurrency-related innovations coming from both […]

Crypto Considered to Plug Legalized Cannabis Payments Hole in California

Crypto Considered to Plug Legalized Cannabis Payments Hole in California

Two Democratic members of the state assembly in California have filed a bill to enable legal cannabis operators in that US state to pay their bills in Stablecoin rather than fiat. The two Democrats, Kevin McCarty and Phil Ting, are protesting against US federal restrictions that are still out of tune with the legalized cannabis […]

Bitcoin Needs 10 More Years to Surpass Visa, Mastercard as Payment System

New transaction research from tech firm DataLight shows that Bitcoin will still need a decade of adoption and technological development before it can overtake competitors like Paypal, Visa and Mastercard. The data shows that Bitcoin, as a payment system, lags far behind Visa and Mastercard on several key transaction indicators, but has already surpassed its […]