Update: Thai Navy End Bitcoin Couple’s Sea Adventure

The offshore seastead built off the Phuket coast by Bitcoiners Chad Elwartowski and girlfriend Supranee Thepdet has now been removed by the Thai Navy. Three naval boats were dispatched to the offshore mini homestead over the weekend to dismantle and remove the 20ft structure which has been the couple’s sea home for three months. The […]

Expert: Not Unreasonable for Crypto in Business

Blockchain Capital co-founder and director Gavin Brown has told CNBC that it really is not “unreasonable” for multinational businesses to consider their own cryptocurrencies for transactions, at least in the medium term. Brown said that in the current context when hugely successful multinationals such as McDonald’s actually have a better credit rating than some entire countries, […]

Bitcoin’s First Golden Cross in 3 Years Emerges

Bloomberg analysts Eric Lam and Matt Turner have hit upon what they claim is yet another strong sign that the crypto bear is retreating into the winter, and that the bull might just be emerging with a much anticipated crypto spring. According to the Bloomberg trading analysts, the first bullish “golden cross” for Bitcoin has […]

Bitcoin Smashes 2019 Record, Surges Past Gold, Oil, Nasdaq

Bitcoin Smashes 2019 Record, Surges Past Gold, Oil, Nasdaq

Only three weeks after a sudden April Fool’s surge in Bitcoin price, followed by a mild correction, Bitcoin prices reached a new high for the year, trading above USD 5,600 during Asian trading time, before settling down now to around USD 5,500. The year to date profitability for Bitcoin has now reached 40%, outstripping the […]

US Law Firm Installs Division for Blockchain Practice

A US-based business law firm Greenspoon Marder has opened up a blockchain practice division in Miami with the sole aim of providing an advisory role to blockchain related businesses, according to a press release. In order to fit into the scope of an emerging digital tech marketplace, and a rise in the demand of legal […]

Serena Williams Invests in Coinbase

American tennis superstar Serena Williams has just announced an investment into cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase, further cementing the reputation of blockchain and crypto-related businesses among savvy investors. Posting to her tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, Williams shared that her investment company, Serena Ventures, had already invested in at least 21 companies, based on […]

Bitcoin Bear Converts to Bull, Says 75% Chance Bottom is Done

With the second quarter of 2019 just barely begun, Bitcoin’s price movement has stubbornly shown signs of long-term strength and gathering momentum, converting even some of the most adamant Bitcoin bears into bulls. These are now joining the ranks of those who believe the bottom has already been met, and that Bitcoin is about to […]

Afghans Look to Sovereign Crypto Bond to Raise $5.8 Billion for Economy

Afghans Look to Sovereign Crypto Bond to Raise $5.8 Billion for Economy

Afghanistan is planning to jumpstart its ailing economy with a blockchain-based sovereign crypto bond. The announcement to attempt a cryptocurrency solution to three decades of economic turmoil came at a meeting of the Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington recently. According to the Central Bank […]