CoinMarketCap Removes Bitfinex Bitcoin Data From Price Average

CoinMarketCap Removes Bitfinex Bitcoin Data From Price Average

Controversial major cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has had its Bitcoin data removed from CoinMarketCap’s price average due to a 5.5% premium the exchange claims over the market average. The above-average Bitcoin pricing on Bitfinex is believed to be a result of the recent news alleging that Tether is not backed 1:1 to the US dollar. Soon […]

Apple Watch Welcomes Bitcoin

Apple Watch Welcomes Bitcoin

Crypto wallet provider Bluewallet has just announced a wallet app for the Apple Watch, which will now enable users to pay with Bitcoin using the Lightning Network (LN), making the wearable device app the first “lightning-enabled watch app”. v4.0.0 is out for iOS :)) Major milestone for us with the release of the first Lightning […] Bitcoin Market Analysis 7th May 2019

Bitcoin Market Analysis 7th May 2019

It was 4 days ago when buyers managed to break through the blue channel of growth, thereby accelerating the growth of prices. After breaking through the channel, the price on small volumes stopped in the consolidation triangle. Since sellers are not trying to lower the price actively, but only suspend its growth, buyers are preparing […]

Central Bank of Iran Trails Blockchain to Revamp Financial System

The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran aims for blockchain inclusion economy for the country’s financial system, as reported by news outlet AL-MONITOR. According to the report, in the past year, the Central Bank, through its technology division the Informatics Services Corporation, in partnership with blockchain solutions firm Areatak, has been developing a […]

$100,000 Bitcoin Will Wipe Out All Other Crypto by 2021

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency and digital asset fund managers, Heisenberg Capital, has issued a Bitcoin maximalist claim, saying that Bitcoin will target USD 100,000 by 2021 and in the process, kill off “everything except BTC”. The firm has decidedly gone all in on Bitcoin, following the lead of others like John McAfee in […]

Moscow will Test Blockchain-Based Electronic Voting in June

Moscow authorities will reportedly test a blockchain-based electronic voting system scheduled for late June, according to local media outlet TASS. Announced on Monday by the deputy head of the department of information technology (DIT) Artem Kostyrko, the test will be carried out during the university council elections and is intended to be a trial run […]

Financial Giants Race to Launch Bitcoin Trading, Eyeing Institutional Money

Bloomberg has revealed that US financial services giant Fidelity Investments may only be weeks away from offering Bitcoin trading options for institutional clients. It will also launch a crypto custodial service. Meanwhile, other reports have also surfaced of other financial firms such as Ameritrade and E-Trade, who are quietly testing Bitcoin trading on their respective […]

Fidelity to Offer Crypto Trading in a Few Weeks

Boston-based financial service firm Fidelity Investments is likely to open up its Bitcoin over the counter (OTC) trading desk to institutional investors in the coming weeks, according to reports by Bloomberg. Citing a person familiar with the matter, the source stated that Fidelity will buy and sell the world’s most popular digital asset for institutional […]

Bitcoin Heads to $6,000, Ethereum Jumps 11%, Bull Imminent

Barely a week after recording new highs for the second consecutive month, Bitcoin made giant strides towards breaking the USD 6,000 resistance point in Asian trading hours today as it dragged the rest of the crypto market up towards a total capitalization of USD 190 billion. Currently trading at USD 5,950, and recording over 55.8% […]

Florida Court Orders Craig Wright to List Owned Bitcoin Addresses

Satoshi Nakamoto claimant Craig Wright has been ordered by a court in Florida to provide a list of owned Bitcoin addresses, which invariably might go a long way to prove whether or not he’s the real deal – Satoshi Nakamoto. According to a Tweet by WizSec Bitcoin Research, a court order has been issued to […]