Oldest Bitcoin Mining Pool Rebrands

The business entity behind Slush Pool, the first Bitcoin mining pool to have ever made public its services, has just announced a rebrand, as reported by CoinDesk. One of the most recognized names in the Bitcoin mining industry, Slush Pool’s operator, Braiins, claims on its website that over a tenth of all new Bitcoin generated […]

Schiff: Indians and Central Banks Buying Gold

**Article updated 6 June 2019 to amend erroneous information** Two heavyweights in finance belting it out at the SALT Conference 2019 between gold and Bitcoin have resulted in some of the most outlandish claims for each other’s choice of asset, with Bitcoin advocate Barry Silbert claiming that gold is quickly being left behind by most […]

Bitcoin Rally Prompts AMD Boost as Semiconductor Stocks Fall

The Bitcoin market may have brought smiles to the faces of cryptocurrency speculators, but chipmakers AMD will also be laughing to the bank during this bull run. All this is thanks to increased demand from mining operators firing their equipment up again with rising Bitcoin prices making Bitcoin mining favorable once more. All this is […]

Crypto Over Cash: US Congressional Research Service Take A Look

Recent research by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) in the US has revealed that there is a migration away from cash in retail transactions, adding to the possibility that alternative methods of payments including cryptocurrency could gain traction moving forward. The May 10th report by the CRS indicates that alternative non-cash payment systems, including bitcoin […]

US Crypto Users Hit by Sim Jacking Flurry

Over the past week, the US cryptocurrency community has been reeling from a recent wave of sustained SIM swapping attacks. The attacks were limited to the US alone and seemed to have targeted T-Mobile and AT&T customers. SIM swapping/jacking is a type of account takeover fraud that generally targets a weakness in two-factor authentication and […]

India to Witness Asia’s Biggest Blockchain Conference: ‘India Dapp Fest 2019’

As India has been a spectator of the ever-growing adoption of Blockchain technology, the people are in hold for witnessing the awe-inspiring India Dapp Fest 2019 hosted by India’s biggest Blockchain community, Blockchained India. Deemed to be the top-notch Blockchain conference of Asia, the event is scheduled to be held in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley […]

Another Million-Dollar Bitcoin Prediction from Ex-Hedge Investor Altucher

Another cryptocurrency specialist, this time former hedge fund manager, author and American entrepreneur, James Altucher, has thrown up another 1 million dollar Bitcoin prediction. Speaking to precious metal analyst on Kitco News, Altucher, who has authored more than 20 books, had in fact said Bitcoin would be USD 1,000,000 before but admitted that he may have […]

China Bond Sell-offs Could Trigger New Highs for Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple

A Forbes article today underlines the significance of the ongoing US-China trade war, looking at a distinct possibility of it eventually spreading into the US bond market and China starting to sell off US Treasuries. If this does happen, analysts believe that the outflow of money could trigger new highs of 2019 for many of the […]