Bitcoin Market Analysis 6th June 2019

We continue to analyze the price of Bitcoin this week. First of all, we see that after the previous analysis, sellers were able to reach our first target and try the price zone of $7,550-7,770 for durability. By the nature of the price movement, we see that even when approaching this price zone, large volumes … Read more

Marshall Islands Defies IMF with SOV National Crypto Development Fund

The Republic of the Marshall Islands has announced the establishment of a development fund that will directly support the development of the SOV, a planned national cryptocurrency for Marshall Islands. This is despite thinly-veiled threats from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that banks may choose to stop working with the tiny island nation should they choose … Read more

Facebook Reveals Radical GlobalCoin Plans to Defeat Bitcoin

Social media mammoth Facebook has set out daring plans to launch its new cryptocurrency, GlobalCoin, and has apparently detailed its strategy to beat Bitcoin as the world’s most popular and most used cryptocurrency, according to Forbes. It has been reported that Facebook will not directly manage this latest rival to Bitcoin. Instead, “an independent foundation” will … Read more

Big Brother Creator Suing Facebook over Fake Crypto Ads

John de Mol, Dutch billionaire and creator of the much-franchised reality show Big Brother, is to sue media giant Facebook for allowing fake ads on its platform to promote fraudulent Bitcoin-related businesses claiming that they had entrepreneur’s backing. De Mol, whose image was also used in some of the advertising, claims that he was not … Read more

Bitcoin Support Firms Up at $7,600, Steady Recovery Underway

In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin price has seen a strong support level firming up at USD 7,600, with two attempts to break that floor rejected, as a slow and steady crawl upwards sees Bitcoin nestle around USD 7,800 as of 8:30 am UTC (CoinDesk). An early American trading market attempt to make a break … Read more

BitPay Downtime Leaves Customers Without Service for 2nd Day

Many customers were left frustrated and annoyed as BitPay’s outage moved into a second day after being shut down for undisclosed reasons yesterday. The (BTC) payment processing service is receiving plenty of criticism from users today as those reliant on the company for payments and salaries were left without an answer after attempting to contact … Read more


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