Moody’s: Singapore Banks Can Fend Off Fintechs

A new report from credit ratings agency Moody’s Investor Services has given a sound backing to the three largest banks in Singapore, believing them to be well placed to withstand the threats from financial technology (fintech) startups. The ‘Fintech – Singapore: Bank of the Future: Fintech threats are growing fast but large incumbents will hold […]

Washington Lawmakers Call to Spoil Party on Facebook’s Crypto Aspirations

New plans from Facebook to enter crypto space appear to be infuriating a group of Washington lawmakers who fear the media giant is cutting loose without regards to regulation. The comments floating around Capitol Hill seem to be led by House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters who just wants to put the skids on […]

Dysfunctional States And State Crypto

Dysfunctional States Crypto

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has said that cryptocurrency will never replace a government’s sovereign currency. Le Maire’s comments were made in the light of growing concerns by regulators over Facebook’s intended launch of its own cryptocurrency in 2020. Mark Carney, Governor, Bank of England also said that the new digital currency will be […]

Bitfinex Buy Back Will Be “Super-Transparent”

One of the world’s most famous — some would say infamous — crypto exchanges, Bitfinex, has now announced that it plans to buy back its own native token, LEO, for gradual burning. What’s more, it will be “super-transparent”. Buy back and burns are generally what a centralized token project will do to reduce the circulating […]

Interest in CME Bitcoin Futures Reach All-Time High

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) data shows that the interest in Bitcoin futures trading is now at an all-time peak as Bitcoin enjoys a renewed interest in the markets. The Twitter post by CME revealed this week that interest has peaked with an all-time high of 5,311 contracts totaling 26,555 BTC, or approximately USD 247 […]

Bitcoin Steadies Above $9,200, New High in Sights

Bitcoin looks to have firmed up its support levels above USD 9,000 in the middle of the week, with the day’s low only briefly staggering to USD 9,041, before the past 12 hours lifted the price to trade above USD 9,200, with London trading at 9:00 am UTC showing a price of USD 9,258 (CoinDesk). […]

Japanese Agency Claims 170% Increase in Crypto-related Inquiries in 2018

Japanese premier citizen complaint agency Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) has reported that 2018 saw a sizeable 170% increase in queries relating to cryptocurrencies. The uptick is one of the highest in the industry in recent years signals increasing trend towards cryptocurrency investment among the general public. The CAA while working under the Japanese Cabinet Office […] Bitcoin Market Analysis 19th June 2019

Bitcoin Market Analysis 19th June 2019

Since the beginning of the new week, sellers and buyers have moved into a consolidation phase. After a sharp growth from 11 June, buyers easily passed USD 8300, then USD 8800 and began to attack the price zone of USD 9400- 9700, after that sellers still decided to try to build some kind of resistance, […]

Virtual Asset Summit Gains Global Legislator Support

CoinTelegraph Japan reports that virtual asset service providers (VASP) will be providing a formal response towards a set of recommendations for virtual currencies set forward by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). This response will be in the shape of a so-called V20 summit, which they hope to convene alongside the G20 Leaders Summit in […] BNB Market Analysis 19th June 2019

BNB Market Analysis 19th June 2019

For the fourth week, there is a bloody fight between market participants for the right to continue to grow to a critical price zone of USD 38-42. This week, buyers will storm the trend line for the third time and try to fix above the price of USD 35.4. Growth, which began on 5 June […]