Hong Kong Bitcoin Trade Volume Rising Amid Protests

Hong Kong has been in a state of civil unrest since an extradition bill was proposed in February, and protests have intensified in recent weeks. Essentially, if the extradition bill were passed then Hong Kong natives could be deported to mainland China for any crime. Hong Kong and mainland China have different laws, but this […]

Bitcoin Technical Market Analysis 2nd October 2019

Midweek did not please Bitcoin traders who were stuck in new consolidation after a sharp price jerk down. Buyers were able to test and even break through the price range $8,300-8,500, but they could not fix above it. Let’s just say that once they reach this range, buyers stop trying to increase their price. In […]

Startup is All Set to Transform Yatai City Into Blockchain-Based Smart City

Singapore startup BCB Blockchain plans on turning Myanmar’s Yatai city into a smart city, as reported by e27. The whole idea is to provide smart city solutions to achieve an environment that meets the goals of a livable, workable and sustainable city of the future. Contradicting the general notion that already developed cities are easier […]