The Current Financial Crisis Could Pave the Way for a Crypto and Blockchain Boom

The collapse of the current financial system could give rise to more blockchain and crypto adoption Yu Jianig, Huobi University Principal, declared that the current financial crisis could lead to a blockchain boom. Specifically, he said: “Without the financial crisis of 2008, there would be no birth of bitcoin and again without the financial crisis […]

Trending Bitcoin News and Market Sentiment March 22nd, 2020: Converging Pandemic and Global Economic Crisis Could Lead to Proving Bitcoin’s Worth as Hedging Asset, IMF Delivers Keynotes on CBDC Pros and Cons


Bitcoin daily high so far at USD 6,470 Coronavirus and global economic crisis could be the double whammy to help prove Bitcoin’s worth as a hedging asset IMF points out positives and negatives of CBDCs   Bitcoin is showing some of its familiar Sunday bull strength so far, with a push above USD 6,000 some […]