Bitcoin Price and Technical Market Analysis April 5th, 2020


After two unsuccessful attempts, buyers are unable to fix above $6830. Sharp attacks of buyers end with the return Bitcoin price to its original position. The main targets of the fall are $6100 and $5500. Yesterday on Bitcoin market were two attempts of buyers to fix above the mark $6830. The day was reminiscent of […]

Investors May Rush Into Bitcoin As Physical Gold Availability Dries Up

The Coronavirus pandemic is causing physical gold availability to drastically shrink, possibly driving people to buy Bitcoin Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, which has caused a worldwide economic crash, investors have been flocking into gold as a safe haven asset, and specifically physical gold. However, according to Max Keiser, gold availability is going to run out […]

Trending Bitcoin News and Market Sentiment April 5th, 2020: Bitcoin Traders and Analysts Believe the Market’s Worst Has Passed, CoinDesk Survey Finds That Most Crypto Holders Believe Their Governments Covid-19 Response Has Been Inadequate


Bitcoin continues to trade in range, but more analysts now believe the worst has passed A CoinDesk survey finds most crypto holders believe their governments have failed to respond appropriately during this Covid-19 crisis More and more Bitcoin traders and analysts are now believing that the worst has passed for Bitcoin, with little over a […]

Ontario to Use Blockchain for Renewable Energy Management

Blockchain technology can help to manage the integration of renewable energy with traditional energy resources The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) in the Ontario Province of Canada has teamed up with the blockchain firm Insolar to utilize blockchain technology to manage renewable energy resources, and specifically the integration of renewable energy with traditional energy […]