Oil Companies May Use Waste Gas for Mining

oil companies

Oil companies to use byproduct gas to make electricity for mining cryptocurrencies, helping such companies become more energy-efficient. Oil companies are looking at new and innovative ways to make use of excessive waste gas and other hydrocarbon byproducts during the drilling and oil production operations. Cryptocurrency mining can be a useful way to use waste […]

Bitcoin Price and Technical Market Analysis April 16th, 2020

Bitcoin Price and Technical Market Analysis April 16th, 2020

Buyers managed to keep $6600 and start a counterattack. Keeping $9000, the next target of buyers is $7300-7400. Alternative scenario is the fall to $6170. Yesterday’s trading day on Bitcoin market ended with an attempt of buyers to go beyond the 5-day consolidation and test of $6620. In fact, yesterday, sellers were trying to confidently […]

Trending Bitcoin News and Market Sentiment April 16th, 2020: Ethereum on Par With Bitcoin on USD Transaction Metrics, US Follow-Up Stimulus Package Makes Fiat Difficult to Value


Bitcoin breaks USD 7,000 in late morning Europe trading Analyst claims Ethereum has levelled with Bitcoin on US dollar value metrics of transactions handled As the US mulls a second bout of stimulus packages, Bitcoiners wonder how fiat’s value can be properly measured Late morning trading in London and Western Europe seems to have jolted […]

China to Launch State-Backed Blockchain Platform on April 25th

China to Launch its State-Backed Blockchain Platform on 25th April

China is close to launching its state backed BSN platform which will allow software entities to easily build blockchain apps built on blockchain protocols. China is speeding up its blockchain development efforts as the State Information Center-led Blockchain Service Network (BSN) is set to launch on 25 April 2020. Blockchain is predominantly associated with decentralized cryptocurrencies. This, however does not mean that all blockchain based implementations conforms […]

Reddit Experimenting With Blockchain-Based Points System

Reddit users will receive points equivalent to tokens held on the Ethereum blockchain Reddit is experimenting with a new blockchain-based system called Community Points. Essentially, users will receive points for participating in Reddit communities, and these points are equivalent to crypto tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, giving users full control of the points and the […]