The Bitcoin Block Halving is Now Only Three Weeks Away

bitcoin block halving

The Bitcoin block halving will occur three weeks from now, estimated to be on 12 May The highly anticipated Bitcoin block halving, which will occur at block number 630,000, is now just three weeks away and will occur around 12 May, plus or minus one day depending on the network hash rate. Indeed, as of […]

Trending Bitcoin News and Market Sentiment April 19th, 2020: Ethereum Stablecoins Grow in Popularity to Boost ETH, Bitcoin Options Market See Uptick in Volume as Bitcoin Goes Bullish


Just over 3 weeks left to Bitcoin halving Ethereum-based stablecoins grow in popularity, pushing Ether prices higher Bitcoin options market hit month-high of USD 642 million as Bitcoin turns bullish Just over three weeks remain before the Bitcoin halving event that will occur in May, cutting the supply of newly-generated bitcoin by miners by 50%, […]

Stablecoin Market Cap Surge Could Indicate That a Bitcoin Rally is Coming


The collective market caps of all stablecoins has surged by 25% in a month The collective market cap of the top stablecoins including Tether, USD Coin, PAX, and BUSD has surged from less than USD 6 billion in March to roughly USD 8 billion currently, an increase of 25% in a month. This could be […]