Bitcoin Price and Technical Market Analysis April 24th, 2020

Bitcoin Price and Technical Market Analysis April 24th, 2020

Buyers broke the two-week consolidation testing the mark $7773. A critical point for buyers to continue the trend is at the mark $7100. There is a high probability of continued consolidation of  Bitcoin price in the wedge in the range $7100-7900 to mid-May. Yesterday in Bitcoin market will be remembered for many sellers as a […]

Coinbase Launches Crypto Price Oracle

DeFi Oracle

Coinbase’s Oracle will provide trustworthy price data to be used in DeFi applications Coinbase has launched the Coinbase Oracle, which is basically a feed of cryptographically secured price data that can be used on decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. Currently, price data for Bitcoin versus USD and Ethereum versus USD is available. DeFi platforms require accurate […]

Cryptodollar Could Be a Solution to Hyperinflation In Venezuela

cryptodollar venezuela

Cryptodollars are 100% backed by Bitcoin and have zero transaction fees Valiu, which is a cross-border remittance startup based in Colombia, has launched the Cryptodollar, which is a digital dollar that is 100% backed by Bitcoin and can be sent for zero transaction fees via a smartphone app. The crypto token could be a solution […]