Survey: More Crypto Users Getting Onboard with Idea of Crypto Taxation

Survey: More Crypto Users Are Getting Onboard with the Idea of Crypto Taxation

A survey conducted by crypto wallet provider, Childy revealed that more than half of the crypto users support the otherwise “much-dreaded” crypto taxation. A new survey conducted by a South Korean crypto startup, Childly unveiled that crypto users might be getting comfortable with the idea of taxation of cryptocurrencies. With more than 5750 cryptocurrency investors […]

Trending Bitcoin News and Market Sentiment May 2nd, 2020: Bitcoin Whale Addresses at Highest in 9 Months, Grayscale Names Bitcoin as Best Bet to Hedge Against Ongoing US Dollar Debasement


Bitcoin whale addresses have not been this high since August 2019 Grayscale report says Bitcoin is the best bet to hedge against the ongoing debasement of US dollar Bitcoin markets along with crypto continue to find stable areas to trade, taking a breath after a rally over the last two days that really looks to […]

Bitcoin Rallies to As High As USD 9,500 As Block Halving Approaches

The block halving has begun to induce a significant Bitcoin rally The Bitcoin block halving is expected to occur on 12 May, which is only ten days away. It has been long anticipated that the block halving will cause a major Bitcoin rally, and it appears that this theory is coming to fruition. Indeed, Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Price and Technical Market Analysis May 1st, 2020

Bitcoin Price and Technical Market Analysis May 1st, 2020

Yesterday trading day was closed with a false breakdown below $8800. Reduced trading volumes increase the probability of correction to $7700-8000. The signal of global trend change will be a confident fixation above $9400. Yesterday’s Bitcoin trading day ended the month with a test of $9440 and the closing of the daily candle at $8631. […]

Blockchain and AI Are the Future of Financial Decision Making:

Company Says AI and Blockchain are The Future of Financial Decision Making

Finamatrix, a risktech company, claims that it uses blockchain and AI to provide a platform for risk management for investors trading in volatile markets. Finamatrix, claims that artificial intelligence and blockchain technology can be used for financial planning by investors. According to Finamatrix, its platform can be used by investors to gain a better understanding […]