Coinbase Research Indicates Bitcoin Downtrend Directs Investors to Altcoins

Coinbase Research Indicates How Bitcoin's Value Impacts Altcoins

A Coinbase research shows that investors prefer altcoins during a downtrend in the BTC value. A Coinbase research suggests that Bitcoin is becoming a gateway for Altcoin world in the sense that the fluctuations in Bitcoin value act as a determinant of how other crypto market dynamics. The research shows that out of the 60 […]

Trending Bitcoin News and Market Sentiment May 16th, 2020: Italy Puts Up €15 Million on Blockchain to Protect ‘Made in Italy’ Brands, New Blockchain Marketplace Takes Stand Against Deepfake Media


Bitcoin prices continue to settle on the weekend Italy invests EUR 15 million into blockchain in an effort to fight fake goods and protect ‘Made in Italy’ brands Alethea AI is a new blockchain marketplace taking a moral stance against deepfake media Bitcoin prices remain in range and altcoins have not done much different today. […]

Survey Shows 65% of Central Banks Actively Researching CBDC

Survey Shows 65% of Central Banks Actively Researching CBDC

A CBDC survey conducted by a London-based journal revealed that 65% of the respondents are researching about Central Bank Digital Currencies. 71% of the respondents prefer DLT-based CBDC. A London based international journal of Central Banking revealed in a survey conducted on CBDC that 65% of the central banks who participated had researched about digital […]