Trending Bitcoin News and Market Sentiment May 21st, 2020: Bitcoin Slips Amid US Bank Calls for Increased Bond Sizes, Chainalysis Disproves ISIS $300 Million Bitcoin Stash


Bitcoin slides down but maintains hold above USD 9,200 JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs are calling on the US government to extend sizes for their bond purchase programs Chainalysis has debunked several Bitcoin myths, including the one where ISIS has a stash of USD 300 million in Bitcoin Bitcoin markets fell over 5% today, from […]

The First Blockchain Was Actually Built in the 1990s

blockchain history

In 1996, a cryptographer launched Timesec and it is technically the first real blockchain Bitcoin was the first true cryptocurrency, but Satoshi Nakamoto did not invent the concept of blockchain. Instead, Satoshi built upon and improved previous technological ideas, including the blockchain technology that Jean-Jacques Quisquater developed in 1996. Indeed, the Bitcoin white paper actually […]

Bitcoin Price and Technical Market Analysis May 20th, 2020

Bitcoin price range narrowed to 1.5%. Fixing above $9800 buyers will continue active growth to $10,500. To change the local trend, it is enough for sellers to fix below $9600. The fourth day of trading in Bitcoin market is consolidation and daily candles are closing in the range $9660-9770. Bitcoin price was moving in the […]