Bitgrin Printed Billions of Tokens Despite Having a 21 Million Coin Supply Cap


Bitgrin is one of the only examples of a cryptocurrency that has more coins than its maximum supply Bitgrin, which trades under the ticker XBG, has suddenly printed billions of coins despite having a maximum supply of 21 million coins. This has caused CoinMarketCap to flag it. Also, the token has crashed in price from […]

Bitcoin Price and Technical Market Analysis June 4th, 2020

Bitcoin Price and Technical Market Analysis June 4th, 2020

The growth of Bitcoin price during 3 June was 2%. The decrease of volumes and volatility indicates the formation of consolidation in the range $9440-9700. Fixed below $9400, sellers will continue the price fall to $9000. Yesterday on Bitcoin market, buyers tried to regain their positions after a sharp price fall from the mark $10,400. […]

Trending Bitcoin News and Market Sentiment June 4th, 2020: Dollar Cost Averaging Brings 3-Year Returns of 70%, Bloomberg Analysts See $20,000 BTC in 2020


Bitcoin registers daily high so far at USD 9,784 Stock-to-flow price prediction model creator says Bitcoiners can’t afford to ignore dollar cost averaging that brings 70% returns in three years Analysts in Bloomberg believe the current USD 20,000 all-time high of Bitcoin will be visited this year Bitcoin markets looked to have gathered back its […]

Ripple Discusses ‘Institutional Matters’ With Central Bank of Brazil

Ripple Discusses 'Institutional Matters' With Central Bank of Brazil

Ripple holds close-door meeting with Central Bank of Brazil to discuss “institutional matters” Ripple, the firm affiliated with the XRP cryptocurrency, had a closed-door conference with the central bank of Brazil via video conference on 30 May. The details about the discussion were not disclosed to the media. However, the website cites “institutional matters” as the purpose of the meeting. Roberto Campos Neto, the CEO of the central bank had […]

Bitcoin Price and Technical Market Analysis June 3rd, 2020

Sellers sharply responded to the growth to $10,400 with a local low $9150. The critical point for buyers is the mark $9000. Fixed below $9000, sellers will have the prospect of the fall continuation to $6900-7000. Yesterday’s trading in Bitcoin market quite sharply reminded us that we should not forget about sellers. During the day, […]