Paxful Launches Bitcoin Educational Center in Heart of El Salvador

San Salvador, El Salvador — Paxful, the leading global peer-to-peer platform, today announced the launch of ‘La Casa Del Bitcoin’, a new education and training center in El Salvador providing free and accessible learning opportunities around Bitcoin. Paxful’s mission is to give everyone equal access to finance no matter who they are or where they […]

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell Advises to Withdraw Bitcoin from Exchanges!

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell with hardware wallets

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell has slammed the Canadian government’s decision to seize funds from its citizens’ bank accounts without due process. He warns that Kraken will have no choice but to comply with any seizure demands. Although  “authorities” are able to block transfers to centralized exchanges, peer-to-peer transactions remain secure.  Article by: Andy Savage and […]

SEC is Procrastinating Grayscale Bitcoin ETF Approval

SEC is Procrastinating Grayscale Bitcoin ETF Approval

Grayscale, the world’s largest digital asset manager, has launched a campaign to put pressure on U.S. SEC regulators for the highly anticipated conversion of its BTC Trust into a spot-based exchange-traded fund. On Feb. 22 CEO Michael Sonnenshein tweeted the news that the quasi-online petition had gone live. The campaign aims to educate and inspire the investment […]

The Unconfiscatable “Bitcoin Not Blockchain” Conference is back!

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The Unconfiscatable “Bitcoin Not Blockchain” Conference is back for its 3rd year! Taking over downtown Las Vegas for a weekend of fun, networking, and love for all things bitcoin. This two day conference will be dedicated to Bitcoin, Finance, Economics, Investing, and Technology. Our festivities will continue throughout the weekend with a 4 star Bitcoin […]

New Bitcoin Documentary From El Salvador To Premiere Later This Year

Brand new Bitcoin documentary will premier in the second quarter of 2022. The film that goes by the name “Dare to Dream” follows the true story of El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin. It’s the first film to tell the complete story of the social project ‘Bitcoin Beach’ that should change the world forever. Over a […]

Ruby on Rails Creator: I was wrong, we need Bitcoin

David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of computer language Ruby on Rails, posted a surprising reversal of opinion on on Monday. It follows a strong trend of dramatic wake-ups that are being experienced all over the world due to Canada’s descent into tyranny. Hansson describes his previous opposition to crypto. He cites reasons such as […]