How to buy Bitcoin in Russia

We listed 11 ways to buy bitcoin in Russia. Whether you are Russian native or just stranded there. You might experience a severe currency crisis. Banks are out of cash, cards are not working and even swiss bank accounts are frozen. And to make it worse, the Rubel is in free fall. Is now the […]

The Win-Win Solution for Ukraine: Sell the Contested Territories to Russia

The following article is guest authored by Thibault Serlet Resistance is futile. Russia has already recognized the independence of the embattled eastern states of Donetsk and Luhansk. Donetsk and Luhansk will become Russian puppet states. Worse, Ukraine will spend the money of its taxpayers and the blood of its young men fighting a useless war. […]

The Future of Freelancing: Lightning-Based Microlancer is Growing

I think lightning and bitcoin are the future but unless there are apps using it, it won’t happen. So, although I m not a dev I can build websites–I felt like I can do something useful in that way. Tim Horie – Founder of Microlancer was launched in October 2018 for Bitcoin enthusiasts to […]