Propaganda & Fear vs Bitcoin & Love

The price of Bitcoin, according to all the press-release copiers out there, depends utterly on what’s happening in Ukraine. Today’s headlines tell us that Bitcoin jumped more than 15% on Monday “as the Treasury Department announced sanctions against Russia’s central bank and froze some Russian assets”. A few days ago, the price was “plunging”, as […]

Bitcoin Price Pumps Amidst International Uncertainty

El Salvador Bitcoin President Bukele

Bitcoin destroys all models and continues to do so. At the time of this article, the S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Dow are all sideways or slightly down while Bitcoin pumps over 10% and seems to have recaptured its bull-run territory. Reclaiming 44K is a short term spot to eye on Bitcoin’s way to achieving new […]

Ebay could accept Bitcoin this Month, CEO reveals – Will it unleash the Bull?

ebay digital wallet

Internet giant eBay could finally integrate Bitcoin payments by the end of March. In a telephone interview with Thestreet, eBay CEO Jamie Iannone is open to the acceptance of Bitcoin and Co. on eBay. “We don’t currently accept cryptocurrencies, but on March 10, we’re going to deepen all of these things: payments, advertising, our focus […]