Samson Mow leaves Blockstream to Orange Pill Nation States

After five years, Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer, Samson Mow, will be leaving Blockstream to focus on nation-state adoption of Bitcoin. Following a successful funding round, Mow felt it was a good time to move towards his focus on hyper-Bitcoinization. “Today is my last day with Blockstream,” Mow tweeted on Tuesday. “It’s been a grand adventure […]

LibertyCon Hosts Pro-Freedom Event in Prague

LibertyCon-Europe is the largest pro-liberty gathering in Europe aimed to educate and empower liberty-minded individuals around a shared vision of a “freer future.” The event will be hosted at the Cubex Centre, consisting of keynote sessions, panel discussions, various debates, and Liberty Fair. On April 24, the conference will transform into the festival at Radlická […]

21bitcoin a new Bitcoin Onramper startup ready to launch in Europe

21bitcoin is the newest app in Europe allowing users purchase bitcoin easily and swiftly and jump onto the bandwaggon. The closed beta run is completed and users subscribed to the waitlist will receive an invitation to try the app in the coming weeks. “We believe in harnessing the power of technology to solve some of […]

EU cancels draft to ban Proof-of-Work, admits Bitcoin can’t be stopped

EU Parliament Admits it cannot ban Proof-of-Work and scrapes proposal Honeybadger don’t care: The EU has pulled back and canceled the proposal to ban Proof-of-Work faster than you can say “Bitcoin!”. The European parliament has scrapped wording from a proposed legislation that would have banned the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism. Although the EU has not […]