eBay CEO Reveals New Digital Wallet

ebay digital wallet

It was a comeback for eBay Inc. CEO Jamie Iannone on Thursday at the company’s investor day. In his first meeting with analysts since assuming the CEO role at eBay (nearly two years ago, Iannone outlined a long-term strategy for accelerating growth — including plans for a digital wallet and a renewed focus on vertical […]

Coinbase CEO ‘Sorry’ for Ominous Email Demanding Bank Statements 

brian armstrong

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong apologized to former Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen following concerns over the crypto exchange’s bank statement requirements. As of Tuesday, Andresen has received a Coinbase request for three months’ worth of financial information. He included the hashtag #invasionofprivacy in his statement. Armstrong’s reaction? “Sorry about that!” Coinbase Compliance and KYC, Gobbling Users’ […]

Bitcoin Whales Withdraw $1.1 Billion from Coinbase 

crypto whale moves $1.1 billion

The Twitter bot Whale Alert recently claimed that an anonymous user has moved a total of $1.1 billion in Bitcoin. This is the greatest fiat value transaction in Bitcoin’s history. His transaction charge was around $4 for this big move. The money is alleged to have been moved in two distinct transactions, with Xapo serving […]

Rich Dad Poor Dad: Government Will Seize All Cryptocurrencies

robert kiyosaki bitcoin

Rich Dad, Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki has caused a bit of a stir with a gloomy series of tweets to his 1.5 million followers. One said: “We are in the biggest bubble in world history. Bubbles in stocks, real estate, commodities & oil … Future? possible depression with hyperinflation.” Is Robert and insider and […]

‘Buying The Dip’: Third Largest Bitcoin Whale Buys $29 Million 

bitcoin whales

The third largest whale has taken advantage of the recent dip in Bitcoin price to accumulate 750 Bitcoin worth $29 million. This whale now holds 127,000 Bitcoin, worth around $5 billion. The first purchase from this whale came on March 7th, 318 Bitcoin at $38,204 for $12 million. Whale is anonymous but many people on […]