Airbnb could accept Bitcoin soon, CEO reveals

Airbnb could soon accept Bitcoin and Lightnig. Brian Chesky, the CEO of the renown platform, tweeted: “If Airbnb could launch anything in 2022, what would it be?” After 4,000 replies he saw that the overwhelming top request was bitcoin payments. One user replied that some countries block international payments, so he relied on bitcoin. Chesky […]

HNWI Asset Protection Expert Predicts Bitcoin Ban

Matthias A. Will is a business consultant and tax-strategist servicing HNWI clients around the globe. His expertise ranges from international corporate strategies to individual internationalization, asset protection and flag-theory. BitcoinNews conducted an interview in which he shares his best kept secrets how to make the most out of secure vaults and lockboxes and his motivation […]

EBay Launches Secure Vault – For Bitcoin Keys?

ebay digital wallet

EBay is creating its first digital wallet for customers to hold their sales earnings and use it to purchase products or pay selling charges, the e-commerce giant announced on Thursday. The company further announced the launch of the eBay Vault, a storage facility and digital marketplace for trading cards and other collectibles. The vault will […]