Panama to Make Bitcoin Legal Method of Payment, 0% Capital Gains Tax

Panama Bitcoin 0% Capital Gains Tax

The Panamanian National Assembly adopts a measure making Bitcoin a legal method of payment with a 0% capital gains tax. Thursday the PNA passes a measure to regulate Bitcoin and “crypto” assets in the Central American country. The measure allows for both private and public usage of such assets, as well as tax payment using […]

Unconfiscatable – Nobody Can Take It From You

Bitcoin Conference Unconfiscatable

The Unconfiscatable conference in Las Vegas was a vibrant gathering of Bitcoiners from around the world. Real life events are essential for debate and networking and life experiences you will never forget. Unconfiscatable. A word missing in any dictionary. But it isn’t cancelled or censored. It’s a new term for a new time. A new […]

Why You Should Start A Bitcoin Meetup

start a bitcoin meetup

Bitcoin Meetups are micro events or ‘meetups’ that gather people interested in bitcoin to discuss latest developments and news. If you are thinking about organizing your own bitcoin meetup, here are some good reasons to do it. Bitcoiners change the world As Bitcoiners, we feel an obligation to make the world a better place. What […]

Don’t put Bitcoin in IRA!, Here’s why…

Bitcoin IRA

401(k), Roth 401(k), and Traditional Individual Retirement Account IRAs are seen as ‘no-brainers’ when it comes to finding unused capital to stack bitcoin for your retirement. But nobody is talking about the long-term implications that pose enormous risks to those seeking to use their IRA to finance a bitcoin purchase. What is an IRA? Standing […]

Bitcoin Whales Buy the Dip Adding 40,000 BTC worth $1.6 Billion

bitcoin whales

During the recent drop in Bitcoin price Bitcoin whales buy the dip adding 40,000 BTC worth roughly $1.6 Billion to their holdings in just 48 hours. Market researcher Ali Martinez from Santiment, an on-chain and social metrics provider, reported major Bitcoin whales have taken advantage of this chance to increase their holdings. Wallets with 10,000 […]

Fort Worth Becomes First City to Mine Bitcoin in the United States

First City to Mine Bitcoin

Mayor Mattie Parker announced on Tuesday that Fort Worth, Texas, has become the first city to mine Bitcoin in the United States. The city of Fort Worth, according to the release, has teamed with the Texas Blockchain Council to launch the Bitcoin mining venture. The City of Fort Worth Has Begun Mining Bitcoin 24 Hours a […]