Money at risk as Exchanges might sell your Collaterlized Bitcoin twice

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Exchanges could be selling your Bitcoin if you stake it on their platforms according to analyst Rufas Kamau. Research and Markets analyst for Scope Markets Kenya, Kamau of Scope explains why having Bitcoin on an exchange affects its value. Kamau thinks buying Bitcoin on exchanges is buying an “I owe you,” or “paper Bitcoin.” The […]

Why 10 million CashApp accounts bought Bitcoin since 2018

10 million Cash App accounts have bought Bitcoin since 2018

10 million Cash App accounts purchased Bitcoin since 2018. Cash App generated $1.7 billion in Bitcoin sales for Block last quarter. What’s the reason and why did they choose CashApp. We investigate. Block inc, the holding company behind CashApp has seen losses while gross profit decreased 42% to $43 million, around 3% of which are […]

Jack Dorsey is no longer CEO of the company Block embraces “Block Head” as new title

Jack Dorsey, one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and tech savvy CEO’s, has decided to use “Block Head” as his new title atop the company Block. In my public school days, a Block Head was a derogatory name used to belittle the academically challenged in public school. (Kids can often be quite mean, I admit!)• If one checks the Merriam Webster dictionary for the meaning of Blockhead, you will […]