Biggest Bitcoin meetup in Vienna, Austria to open lightning beer tap

biggest vienna bitcoin meetup

Vienna will see its largest bitcoin meetup to date, according to the organizers of the Bitcoin Meetup Vienna. The event will take place on Wednesday May 18th at the beachbar ‘Strandbar Hermann’ directly at the Donau river. As a special guest, finance journalist Nikolas Jilch is confirmed. JIlch has been working as a journalist, speaker […]

Review: The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin

documentary pierre corbin

New indie documentary is getting close to one million views on Youtube. The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin is the title of a newly released film that reveals the sinister mechanism of central banking.

Bitcoin News sat down with producer and director Pierre Corbin for an interview:

My ‘Peak Fiat’ Bitcoin2022 Miami Retrospective -Gonzo-Style

bitcoin miami

Approaching the number of crypto conferences I can comfortably count within the last 6 months, I’ve seen a huge array of products, vendors, imaginary projects, and made a tremendous amount of connections. This was my first 2nd opportunity working at a bitcoin conference, however quite different from the first. I had considered attending Bitcoin 2022. […]