El Salvador is buying more Bitcoin amidst downtrend

El Salvador Bitcoin President Bukele

While bitcoin holders currently need nerves of steel, the recent price correction does not seem to have changed El Salvador’s Bitcoin strategy. Instead, President Nayib Bukele announced that the country has once again loaded up on the next reserve currency. As recently as 14 January, Bukele had expressed his annoyance on Twitter that he had […]

Is BIP-119 an attack on Bitcoin?

BIP 119

For those looking to wrap their head around BIP-119 this article seeks to shed some light on the discussion around the new bitcoin improvement proposal. If you prefer to read up and take a look at the sources beforehand we can recommend the website put together by Bitcoin Gandalf www.bip119.com. You will find links to […]

How to explain Bitcoin to your grandmother

Bitcoin Orange Pill

You’re the absolute Bitcoin boss, but you have a hard time explaining cryptocurrencies to your friends and family? Here’s a version that even your grandmother will understand. The Bitcoin price is currently in a downward spiral. Nevertheless, many are probably wondering whether it is worth getting in at a low price. After all, the classic […]