Central Bankers in El Salvador caught screaming ‘Bitcoin’

Central bankers el salvador

Central bankers from 44 countries have been filmed simultaneously shouting ‘bitcoin’. The clip was shared by the President of El Salvador who had invited the delegates to learn about bitcoin. A remarkable piece of history has been recorded on Friday in El Salvador. The country famous for making Bitcoin a legal tender, has invited central […]

69 Sources Why Bitcoin Will Eat The World

bitcoin architecture

Wealth is a complex topic that most people avoid dwelling on altogether. The vast majority of US citizens slowly grind at their 9–5 until they can retire, if ever. Some of them can earn enough to buy a family home, maybe squeeze in a rental property as well, and even less start a small business. […]

Why Laszlo Hanyec’s $300 Million Pizzas Changed the World

Laszlo Hanyec

Bitcoin Pizza Day is an annual event that Bitcoiners use to celebrate the first purchase of goods with Bitcoin ever recorded. On Bitcoin Pizza Day, every Bitcoiner eats a Pizza, even carnivores. The use of bitcoin for routine everyday purchases is gradually expanding nowadays. Though it was 12 years ago on May 22 in 2010 […]

The Most Generous Billionaire

Sam Bankman-Fried is rapidly gaining a reputation as “the most generous billionaire”. On the one hand, we could say that’s not a very difficult thing to be; once you’re a billionaire there isn’t a lot of competition in the generosity department. On the other hand, the 29-year old founder of FTX echange is quite unique […]

Stephan Livera Crushes Miami Shitcoin

Miami Shitcoin

Renowned Bitcoiner, investor, and podcaster Stephen Livera calls out Miami Mayor Francis Suarez for endorsing Citycoin. Since Livera’s statement, Miami citycoin has cratered -88% in USD terms. Stephan Livera is a leader in the Bitcoin Space as the Managing Director of Swan International at Swan Bitcoin. Livera also hosts the Stephan Livera Podcast, one of […]