Dubai-based luxury real estate company DAMAC to accept Bitcoin.

Dubai Bitcoin Real Estate

DAMAC, one of the largest luxury real estate companies in Dubai (UAE) is now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for properties and development projects. Buying real estate has frequently been considered a  promising long-term investment, as well as very profitable for those in the business of selling property. Recently, some Nations allow their […]

Bitfinex “making a big investment” into El Zonte Capital

el zonte capital

The Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has made a sizable contribution to the El Zonte Capital Hyberbitcoinization fund in El Salvador. Investors, podcasters, and OG Bitcoin dynamic duo, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert made the Bitfinex announcement Monday morning on Cafe Bitcoin. Bitfinex have made a very sizable contribution to El Zonte Capital Max and Stacy formed […]