Bitcoin Whitepaper

Every day is a good day to read the bitcoin whitepaper. Why should you read the bitcoin whitepaper? The bitcoin whitepaper is where everything started. Bitcoin came into existence through the whitepaper that outlined how the bitcoin network could operate. The whitepaper gives specific technical instructions how the bitcoin protocol works and what roles the […]

37 Million Satoshis Earned On Lightning Freelance Platform Microlancer

37 Million Satoshis Earned On Lightning Freelance Platform Microlancer

Microlancer records 37 Million Satoshis in business through its freelancing platform. is a platform that frees up clients and freelancers by removing the constraint of money bound by geography and banking restrictions. Instead of making askers and taskers lose money to their banks’ fees for small and frequent microtransactions, the freelance platform uses Bitcoin satoshis, […]

Why Bitcoin Only – by Arman the Parman

why bitcoin only

This article was originally published by Arman the Parman at This is a reply to a comment in YouTube I wrote in a fit of insomnia at 3am. It was surprisingly coherent and expresses my thoughts on why altcoins should not be accumulated, and you should buy bitcoin only. I posted it to Twitter, and […]

Lightning Network Capacity expands to new all-time high at 3,900 BTC

Lightning Wallet

The Bitcoin Lightning Network achieves another milestone with public capacity reaching an all-time high of over 3,900 Bitcoin. The Bitcoin community now has more than 3900 BTC in the layer 2 payment system. This is equivalent to about $141 million. Lightning Network adoption continues to increase dramatically. The revolutionary network brings BTC payments with near-zero […]