MyNode Review: Easily Run Your Own Bitcoin Full Node

How To Run A node

This article is brought to you by myNode. Article patronage is essential to keep free and support independent writers and creators. If you’re not running a node, can you even call yourself a Bitcoiner? Nodes are a fundamental element of Bitcoin’s core infrastructure. Without full nodes, a decentralized peer-to-peer currency would not be possible.  […]

What Is Bitcoin Dust?

What is bitcoin dust

Simply put, bitcoin dust means very small amounts of bitcoin. When we refer to “bitcoin dust,” we mean those small amounts of bitcoin that can be left over on a bitcoin address or bitcoin wallet. Example Of Bitcoin Dust If you have a bitcoin wallet with 0.00000012 BTC (or 12 satoshis) it would be seen […]

4 Big Bullish Signals For Bitcoin

4 pulses

Bullish on bitcoin? You betcha! Appreciating in terms of USD, no doubt. 1 Bitcoin = 1 Bitcoin – always! The USD is still down so much against Bitcoin and not at all the other way around. So, what else is new, right? Well, I’m sure not. I’ve been around the block. Here is a bit […]

Zoltan Pozsar, Bretton Woods III and Bitcoin

Zoltan Pozsar, an analyst at the Swiss financial firm Credit Suisse, published a document in March anticipating frictions between commodity-producing countries and those with currencies backed by “full-faith and credit.” He predicted how a war between countries, such as Russia and Ukraine, would bring down the world monetary system as we know it today. Pozsar […]