7 Famous Economic Principles Bitcoiners Must Know

Bitcoin Principles

Guest article contributed by Meyrick Dabreo. Follow Meyrick on Twitter and check his podcast on Fountain. In this article, we will explore seven economics principles that I found to be very helpful or even essential on my journey to understand bitcoin. Let’s dive in. Lindy Effect The Lindy effect, also known as Lindy’s law, can […]

Bitfinex Donates 36 BTC To Businesses In El Salvador

El Savlador Bitcoin

The Central American country chose Bitcoin as the center of its strategy for economic revitalization in 2021. Following this, the exchange Bitfinex donated 36 bitcoin and $600,000 to small Salvadoran businesses in order to support economic development in neighborhoods that have suffered gang violence. The funds that Bitfinex donated are earmarked for distribution in the socially […]

What Is KYC?

what is kyc

This article is brought to you by 21bitcoin. Article patronage is essential to keep bitcoinnews.com free and support independent writers and creators. Debunking KYC – What Is It, Is It Needed? What is KYC and why do I need it when I buy bitcoin? We got you, know your customer (KYC) is not a very sexy topic. […]