Zero-Day Hack Exploits GeneralBytes Bitcoin ATMs, Operators Shutdown Machines


A zero-day vulnerability was exploited on Thursday leading to a global shutdown of ATM networks and losses of at least 10 BTC. The second-largest Bitcoin ATM manufacturer GeneralBytes confirmed the exploit of a server vulnerability that lead to downtime and theft of Bitcoin on some of their machines. Users on Twitter reported ATMs were unavailble […]

Startup City Map Launched: The New Citadel Explorer?

Startup Cities Map

The consulting firm Adrianople Group has published a global map of startup cities that makes finding innovative cities and regions easy. There has been extensive talk about “Startup Cities” – however these discussions lacked clear definitions, and in part due to the absence of definitions, lacked serious mapping efforts. In March 2021, Balaji Srinivasan asked […]

The Fight For The US Dollar

Fight For The US Dollar

This article was originally published by Pierre on In the 18th century, the Dutch introduced the concept of mutual funds, allowing investors to diversify between different international bonds. The same concept was embraced in London in the 19th century. This concept is what allowed companies like F&C Asset Management to be funded in 1868. […]