Banks Need Bitcoin To Survive

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According to Peter Rochel, German management consultant and keynote speaker at the Bitcoin Konferenz in Innsbruck, Austria, banks are underestimating the impact of bitcoin. “Decision-makers among banks do not understand the impact of bitcoin adoption on the business model of banks. A misjudgment with fatal consequences.” Since 2019, Rochel has been investigating the causal mechanisms […]

What If Bitcoin Existed Alongside Unlimited Nuclear Fusion Energy

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Reddit user Bitcoin_Holder dropped a Reddit post titled “What happens to Bitcoin when energy is effectively free with nuclear fusion” and it went quasi viral. In no time, the post had 393 upvotes and 388 shares. A testament to people understanding that energy and Bitcoin are closely correlated; Bitcoin has proof-of-work and energy is the […]

New Bitcoin Documentary Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

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After its first successful film, The Great Reset Films and director Pierre Corbin launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the new project. The first movie “The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin” landed a major success among the international audience. The next episode in the documentary series is titled “The Great Reset and the […]