Lightsats Takes Home 100 Million Sats In ‘Legends of Lightning’ Tournament

LightSats Tournament

Lightsats, a startup focused on making bitcoin gifting easier, scored 100 million sats in legends of lightning tournament. The project has been brought to life just weeks before the ‘Legends of Lightning’ tournament was announced. The project founders are Roland a.k.a. @rolznz, Juan Gomez, a bitcoin and Lightning enthusiast from Colombia and Rene Aaron, a […]

How to Play 3D Chess

3D chess

This article was originally published by James Corbett on It’s a ridiculous, no good, stupid, rotten meme. You know the idea that every horrible move that Precedent Trump ever made (like appointing John Bolton or launching Operation Warp Speed) was actually some super complicated three-dimensional chess move intended to accomplish the exact opposite of what he […]