How To Use CoinJoin For Bitcoin Privacy

All you need to know about coinjoin

This article was originally published by Arman The Parman on Preliminaries To understand coinjoin, it would help to understand UTXOs (unspent transaction outputs) and Bitcoin transactions. You can skip this section if you know enough about these, but it may be valuable to read it anyway. Bitcoin Transactions In simple terms, a Bitcoin transaction […]

How Futures Contracts Where Invented In Ancient Greece

futures greece

This article was originally published by Austin Litman on Aristotle wrote about a man named Thales in Ancient Greece, who he says was the first philosopher and the father of math and science. Thales even invented futures contracts with olive oil. How? Thales spent a lot of time studying the stars and started noticing […]

Risks And Benefits Of Mixing Bitcoin

Risks of CoinJoin

As the use of bitcoin for savings and payments continues to grow, users are looking for ways to protect their financial privacy. But what are the risks and benefits of mixing Bitcoin? In this article we take a brief look into bitcoin mixing and discuss the risks and benefits. There are many different techniques that […]