4 Big Bullish Signals For Bitcoin

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Bullish on bitcoin? You betcha! Appreciating in terms of USD, no doubt. 1 Bitcoin = 1 Bitcoin – always! The USD is still down so much against Bitcoin and not at all the other way around. So, what else is new, right?

Well, I’m sure not. I’ve been around the block. Here is a bit of background on yours truly. My first time, my first experience, with Satoshi Nakamoto was at an Embassy. The best kind of Embassy. One operated by Bitcoin people. Not bureaucrats shuffling papers and scolding you for asking questions or for trying to buy their uninhabited islands. Montréal’s Bitcoin Embassy on Boulevard Saint Laurent.

I would bring my laptop covered in cigar ash to get loaded up with bitcoin because I did not have a smartphone or phone at all. I used free VOIP services. But alas I was not the only one sporting sandals and mismatched clothing. Everyone and I mean everyone I encountered at the Embassy was super cool.

There was a sort of special camaraderie and a cordiality. Each time I left the Embassy even if I was only buying a few coins I felt great. I felt like I had taken action and made a statement. Far better than its ill-fated predecessor “E-gold.

Then when I moved to the Maltese islands with my bitcoin, I came across the “Exante Fund,” billed as the first bitcoin fund. I remember going to the Ayn Rand – I mean Portomaso Building in St. Julian’s. I knew bitcoin was heading in the right direction. It was nice to come out of the closet by meeting others working on big projects. But without further ado here are my reasons to go buck-wild on bitcoin:

El Salvador, Pacific Ocean, Central America

#1 Reason – El Salvador. It is legal tender there. Yes, youngsters at the beach will take your satoshis off your hands. Yes, you can pay at the petrol pump and cinema in bitcoin. This is still BIG NEWS!

Madeira Island, Atlantic Ocean, Portugal

#2 Reason – Madeira Island. Because when it gets a bit too warm in El Salvador and you want a change of scenery. The Portuguese island in the Atlantic lets you viver em bitcoin. Lots of things are legal in Portugal. The surfing is top-notch and the people are wow!

Central African Republic

#3 Reason – Bonjour la République Centrafricaine! Because Bangui is a boomtown and they are serious about Bitcoin. See https://sango.org for details of la directive présidentielle. This is a serious emerging market with hundreds of millions of consumers nearby. My source in the capital city confirms major Bitcoin players are on scene. Paris is nervous about a domino effect in the CFA-Zone!

Próspera, Western Caribbean Sea (Honduras)

#4 Reason – ¡Hola Próspera! Which is a self-governing city on the English-speaking island of Roatán in the Caribbean. Because El Salvador only has a Pacific coast. We’ll have to buy Bukele a piece of the Atlantic sometime before returning to Bitcoin Beach. A pit stop in Próspera is obligatory. https://prospera.hn

Próspera lets you become an e-resident for a few satoshis. Registering a business is safe, quick, and cheap. Much easier than Monaco. You can get regulatory approval and licensing in a straightforward manner. It’s a government on your side. Their team is super accessible and approachable. You have questions – they have answers. Plus you can buy property there for a fraction of Cayman Island costs. Labor is also reasonable in that private charter city. Okay, more than a pit stop.

No wonder the goofballs at “The Guardian” hurled a hit piece at them. Only serves as more confirmation Próspera is doing a whole lot right. Every time they hit Bitcoin – every time they hit Próspera! You know what happens folks. So, what exactly does “The Guardian” guard? Other than narrow special interests. Gone are the days when it championed the underdog. Guess Glenn Greenwald got it right.

More Pristine Palm-Tree Lined Beaches Ahead

Back to the juicy fun stuff! Everyone is keeping a close eye on the Pacific. With the Republic of Palau and the Kingdom of Tonga considering bitcoin in a big way. My sources in those islands are a bit tight-lipped at the moment. Sometimes that is a good sign. Fingers crossed!

But if you can’t wait try Palau Digital Residency on for size at less than 250 USD per year. You get a physical card (photo id) from the government of Palau that you can use on exchanges. Yeah, I know you shouldn’t need this. But it is a cool identification card to carry around as a spare or even as a primary. If you have trouble paying them in Bitcoin let me know and I will yell at them for you.

The Palau programme is somewhat similar to Estonia e-residency, but without needing a card reader or to visit an Embassy. Palau will soon let its digital residents set up companies and get a local street address. Palau is an independent country, but still gets serviced by the USPS for better or not.

Parting Points

Even if not a single jurisdiction in the world recognized Bitcoin I’d still be a bull. Why? Because of the apolitical and neutral position of bitcoin. It has no flag and it has no army. It doesn’t care how I pray or if I pray at all. Points such as those cannot get overemphasized. As ol’ Blue Eyes sang, “start spreading da newz.”

Geographic distribution of mining is also a major point. Decentralisation is important but so too is distribution. Bitcoin has no rival in terms of distribution or decentralisation. This makes it harder to censor and stop. Don’t sweat quantum computing – it can get used to strengthen Bitcoin not hurt it.

Remember that feeling you had when you first got broadband. Remember that feeling you had when you first bought bitcoin. Don’t drop those feelings. Share them with family and friends. Give them their first taste of freedom – I mean Bitcoin. The best is yet to come. This is still the beginning and we are still early.

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