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This could blow your mind. Unconfiscatable conference was a buzzing bitcoin show gathering some of the best and brightest in Bitcoin. But the event had special energy.

Bitcoin News joined Unconfiscatable to catch exclusive interviews with speakers and attendees. Find our exclusive interviews with Mark Moss, Dennis Porter and Guy Swan below.

Bitcoin never sleeps. And the bitcoin community seems to do so neither. Every year, bitcoin attracts more brilliant people, growing the community. They gather at bitcoin conferences such as the Unconfiscatable conference in Las Vegas to share, learn and laugh together.

This year, many attendees said that unconfiscatable was a truly amazing happening but the reason was hard to pin down. Many people who joined were just happy to meet in-person again after corona has halted many real life events. But some attendees reported that the ‘energy’ at the event was special.

It’s hard to know what they actually felt during the event but it’s probably true that bitcoin conferences are pretty different compared to other conferences. Everyone that attends a bitcoin conference comes there for a reason. To advance bitcoin, learn and network. But we all know that bitcoin is more than money.

1. Mark Moss

Mark is a next-generation truth fighter. He is using the best techniques of online marketing and social media to spread education and awareness about bitcoin and economics. His passion is history and he shares in this interview why it is so important to learn from history.

Mark also shares his favorite books which might not be what you expect he would recommend to read.

Watch the interview with Mark Moss below:

2. Dennis Porter

Dennis Porter is a hyper productive cyberhornet with a packed calendar. However, all his meetings seem to be orange as he is passionate like no other, to push bitcoin adoption to the mainstream. His personal mission to make bitcoin legal tender in the US is an interesting conversation.

Watch the interview with Dennis Porter below:

3. Guy Swan

Guy Swan is also known as the one that has read more about bitcoin than anybody else. And it is probably true. Mr Swan is also the voice behind many audiobooks such as “The Fiat Standard” by Saifdean Ammous. In our interview, he shares how he decided to focus on reading bitcoin books and how he grew his business through ups and downs.

Watch the interview with Guy Swan below:

4. Ken Kruger – Pay With Moon

Ken Kruger is a bitcoin entrepreneur with a passion for financial privacy. He blieves deeply that your data should be yours and not surveilled by a company or government entity. With his company Paywithmoon, he works to make privacy a standard while providing a seamless customer experience.

We talk about his virtual credit card service and plans for the future.

Watch the interview with Ken Kruger below:

5. Michael Tidwell – Zebedee

Zebedee is one of the fastest growing lightning startups. We speak with Michael Tidwell, Head of System Operations to learn more about Zebedee and how it’s entering the global gaming market.

Watch the interview with Michael Tidwell below:

6. Michael Hill – Start9

Michael Hill heads what he calls a ‘sovereign computing company’. His venture Start9 is the bitcoin dashboard that allows multiple bitcoin related services to be easily installed and accessed. Looking to run a bitcoin node or blockchain explorer? Start9 not just makes that very easy but also very safe ad Michael explains in the interview.

Watch the interview with Michael Hill below:

7. Aryan Jabbari – Scarce City

Aryan is co-founder of Scarce.City a platform to make bitcoin-only auctions easy and seamless. He shares how it works and we take a look a different art pieces that are on auction.

Watch the interview with Aryan Jabbari below:

Bonus: The CryptoCouple

The CryptoCouple joined Unconfiscatable to spread peace, love and an infinite amount of fun as their endless repertoire of world-class satoshi-jokes has won them fans around the world. The couple is not planning to get children yet although they seem to be contemplating about it already as they told BitcoinNews.

Watch the interview with the CryptoCouple below:

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