BlackRock: Ukraine War Could Accelerate Crypto Adoption

Ukraine Bitcoin Blacklist

Blackrock chief executive, Larry Fink, said on Thursday that the Ukraine war could end up accelerating digital currencies as a tool to settle international transactions.

Despite what headlines around the world are declaring, he doesn’t appear to be talking about currencies like bitcoin. He said: “A global digital payment system, thoughtfully designed, can enhance the settlement of international transactions while reducing the risk of money laundering and corruption”.

This phraseology fits a global bankers’ digital currency much better than the likes of bitcoin. In Reuters’ reporting they say that the conflict “upends the globalization drive of the last three decades”. This globalization drive has been consistently denied and written off as a “conspiracy theory” for years.

In the short term, this trend towards a centralized digital currency may benefit real cryptocurrencies that enhance freedom. Some of the characteristics of bitcoin would be of benefit to the bankers if they can overcome the inherent freedom-promoting aspects. For this reason, they might encourage or at least not discourage the adoption of bitcoin for a while. This way a lot more people would be open to the idea of a banker digital currency when they present it as “the same” but “more secure” to the ignorant.

In this respect, Fink said BlackRock is studying digital currencies and stablecoins due to increased client interest. Its interests are not merely financial, and the political bias is abundantly clear in Fink’s letter to the shareholders. It is crucial to understand that Blackrock is not just another hedge fund or investment company. It controls pretty much everything in the Western world.

This kind of news may benefit bitcoin’s price and uptake in the short term, but we need to be aware of what the controllers have in mind for our future and prevent their totalitarian nightmare from coming true. Ironically this is something bitcoin could be very useful in helping us to achieve.

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