Malware Targets Call of Duty Cheaters, Drains Bitcoin Wallets

Cybercriminals are targeting gamers, especially Call of Duty cheat software users, draining their Bitcoin wallets.
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A recent surge in cybercrime has targeted gamers, particularly those using Call of Duty cheat software, with reports of their Bitcoin wallets being drained. This alarming trend has caught the attention of gaming communities and security experts alike.

The Malware Campaign

Reports from vx-underground, a malware information hub, highlight a concerning development in the gaming world. Malicious software is being deployed to steal login credentials from users of pay-to-cheat video game software. This campaign has impacted millions of gamers, with over 4.9 million compromised accounts across major gaming platforms like Activision Blizzard’s and cheat software markets.

Vxunderground stated:

“It should be noted that some of these accounts are also not cheaters […] Some users impacted utilized gaming software for latency improvement, VPNs, and certain controller boosting software.”

Call of Duty Cheats and Bitcoin Theft

One of the most alarming aspects of this malware campaign is the theft of bitcoin from gamers’ wallets. Users have reported incidents of their Electrum BTC wallets being emptied, signaling a significant financial loss for victims. The total amount stolen remains unknown, adding to the urgency of addressing this issue.

For years, the problem of cheaters in gaming has persisted. In 2018, a malicious program posing as a cheat tool for Fortnite targeted users to steal Bitcoin wallets login details. Then, in 2019, hackers used tactics in Fortnite that prevented players from accessing their computer data.

Response from Cheat Providers

PhantomOverlay, a cheat code provider for Call of Duty, was among the first to notice suspicious activity after users reported unauthorized wallet accesses. The group has acknowledged the severity of the situation, labeling it as “the largest infostealer malware campaign in gaming/cheating community history.” Despite some claims of inflated numbers, the impact on gamers is undeniable.

PhantomOverlay expressed strong suspicions regarding the origin of the malware in a separate message, but the group responsible has deliberately hidden evidence, complicating verification. Additionally, PhantomOverlay stated that Activision Blizzard contacted the cheat-selling site to provide aid to the large number of users impacted by the malware.

PhantomOverlay message - call of duty cheat
PhantomOverlay message — Source

In an unexpected turn of events, gaming giant Activision Blizzard has joined forces with cheat providers to assist affected players. This collaboration underscores the severity of the situation, as the scale of the impact is too significant to ignore. Activision Blizzard has reassured players that their servers remain secure and uncompromised, urging users to change their passwords and adopt additional security measures.

Activision Blizzard said:

“There have been claims that some player credentials across the broader industry could be compromised from malware from downloading or using unauthorized software. Activision Blizzard servers remain secure and uncompromised. Our priority is always player account security.
If players believe they may have clicked on a suspicious link or if they want to ensure their account is protected, they can change their password and follow recommended best practices here such as adding two factor authentication.”

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Uncovering the Scope

Vx-underground has shed light on the extent of the malware campaign, revealing the staggering number of compromised accounts across various gaming platforms. While cheat software users are primary targets, not all compromised accounts belong to cheaters. Some users were utilizing software for legitimate purposes such as latency improvement and VPNs.

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The targeting of Call of Duty gamers with malware aimed at draining their Bitcoin wallets is a concerning development in the gaming community. As security experts work to combat this threat, it is essential for players to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to protect their accounts and assets. Collaboration between cheat providers and game developers reflects the collective effort needed to address cyber threats and safeguard the gaming experience for all players.

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