Companies Launch Framework to Get Real Estate on Blockchain

Companies Launch Framework to Get Real Estate on Blockchain

Global financial technology company AlphaPoint has used this week’s Blockchain Week in New York to launch its new Regulated Asset-Backed Token (RABT) framework, writes Coindesk.

AlphaPoint, a company that has helped institutions discover and execute their blockchain strategies since 2013, is known for helping institutions make illiquid assets liquid with blockchain technology, according to GlobeNewswire.

Longstanding real estate and private equity firm, Muirfield Investment Partners, have joined with the company in an attempt to use blockchain to introduce more liquidity to the real estate market by developing a token which can be freely traded, whilst remaining compliant with US security laws. Thomas J Zaccagnino, Muirfield’s founder, commented, “By tokenizing a real estate investment vehicle, investors are for the first time, able to freely trade their ownership on regulated secondary exchanges.”

Zaccagnino claims that due to their illiquidity, real estate funds have a defined lifespan and tend to be too highly structured. He hopes that the RABT framework will allow for a “far more innovative and profitable investment vehicle”.

Igor Telyatnikov, AlphaPoint’s COO, said that they would now be able to blend both public blockchains and the tokenization of securities and assets of any type. Although the actual asset won’t be on paper, Alpha pointed out that documentation would be stored using DLT tech, hoping that eventually, everything would go on the blockchain. Also, the software can be used to pay out dividends in order to transfer assets to the correct recipients.

“We can use trusted execution environments and oracles to govern what addresses these assets can be moved to and from and be able to apply the rules and smart logic onto a public blockchain or private blockchain,” explained Telyatnilov.

Salil Donde, AlphaPoint CEO, suggested that tokenized securities represented the “next great wave of blockchain technology.”


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